Jan Caeyers is a Belgian conductor, musicologist, Beethoven expert and biographer. His passion for Viennese classical music, and Beethoven in particular, has resulted in a long history of conducting in European concert halls.

His mission is to share Beethoven’s life and work with the widest possible audience, an endeavour that he undertakes as a conductor, author, and public speaker. These three disparate but complementary activities set Jan apart from other experts, and allow for a comprehensive and wholly original approach to Beethoven and his music.

His authoritative biography Beethoven: A Life is recognised today as the definitive international reference on Beethoven. Le Concert Olympique, the orchestra of which he is both the conductor and founder, is a distinguished and diverse ensemble that invigorates the works of Beethoven and his contemporaries, presenting refined and engaging musical experiences that linger long after their final notes.

Jan Caeyers


A conductor with a special interest in the Viennese classical period, and a musicologist driven by artistic ingenuity. Explore the career of Jan Caeyers.

Music director

As an engaging conductor, Jan Caeyers has been the beating musical heart of Le Concert Olympique since 2010, an orchestra with Beethoven's oeuvre at its focal point.

Recordings & books

Jan Caeyers has released numerous audio recordings, and his Beethoven biography is one of the most extensive reference works ever published.


From high-profile concert images to engaging interviews and lectures: get to know the maestro and his musical passion.

News & events

Interested in attending a concert or lecture by Jan Caeyers? Browse the calendar and news page, and stay informed on upcoming events.

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