From a vast collection of music albums to his reputed 'Beethoven. A biography'. Discover the musical work and writings of Belgian conductor Jan Caeyers.

Discover his book

Jan Caeyers released his first book Beethoven. A Biography in 2009, after more than 20 years of incisive research. Today, it is considered the most comprehensive reference work on Beethoven's life. Currently Jan Caeyers is writing a new book on Beethoven’s compositions on the occasion of the Beethoven year 2027 which commemorates the maestro’s bicentennial death anniversary.

Explore his theatre monologues and lectures

Jan Caeyers wrote multiple scintillating stories about Beethoven that give the audience an impression of his life and times in a way that is poignant, hilarious and dramatic. Additionally, he answer exciting questions, such as ‘What made Beethoven a genius?’ and ‘Why is there singing in Mozart’s operas?’ in well-crafted lectures.

Browse his musical recordings

Jan Caeyers’ conducting has been recorded in various music albums dedicated to Viennese classical music.

Antonin Reicha: Symphonies en Fa majeur et Ut mineur
Beethoven Academie, dir.: Jan Caeyers

℗ 1998 Auvidis France © 1998 Auvidis. Fabriqué En France.

Carl Nielsen: Clarinet concerto; Pan & Syrinx; Amor & Digteren; Petite Suite
Beethoven Academie, dir.: Jan Caeyers
Walter Boeykens, clarinette

Beethoven: Symphonies No 5 & 2 – Vol. 2

Beethoven Akademie: dir. Jan Caeyers

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