Bringing Viennese classics to life

Jan Caeyers is the music director of Le Concert Olympique, an acclaimed Beethoven orchestra he founded in 2010, inspired by writing his Beethoven biography. Three or four times a year, this European ensemble of forty-five musicians gathers to bring Viennese classics to life in European concert halls. Their most recent project is Beethoven27, in which the orchestra will tour Europe from 2024 until 2027 to perform 27 masterpieces by Beethoven. Aside from Le Concert Olympique, Jan Caeyers is also a freelance conductor of several national and international ensembles.

Stirring up the orchestra’s energy, conveying its passion to the audience and performing breathtaking masterpieces in their full glory, is what Jan Caeyers wants to achieve as a conductor. From famous symphonic works to hidden musical gems, both by Beethoven and his contemporaries.

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